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Worldwide Supplier of Meters and Associated Instrumentation

Dresser is the leading worldwide supplier of rotary positive displacement gas meters, turbine meters, diaphragm meters and associated instrumentation.

Dresser Meters are used to measure natural gas at commercial buildings restaurants, laundries, schools, manufacturing plants, CNG refueling stations and for many other applications.

Dresser Meters have been certified and approved for custody transfer of natural gas in all 50 US states, Canada, the UK, the European Economic Community, South America, Africa, Pakistan, Singapore, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Malaysia and many other countries throughout the world.

Quality is our primary goal at Dresser Meters & Instruments. Our spare parts business and product repair business combined are less than one percent of our total sales. This fact truly illustrates our product reliability.

Dresser Meters & Instruments is also a leading supplier of related electronic instrumentation and meter proving equipment. The recent introduction of the integral IMC corrector line, and the Windows software for the Model 5 ROOTS Prover is evidence that Dresser is constantly developing new technology to meet the challenges of the future. Click here for more information.