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For over 40 years Carrier-Oehler Company has served the industrial instrumentation sales and service needs of Chicago and the Midwest. Our product line includes the foremost names in industrial instrumentation, such as: Wika, Bellofram, Dresser Instruments, Forbes Marshal, GPI, Halliburton, HF, Kerotest, Kurz, Marsh, Meriam Process Technologies, and Mobrey. We carry the following types of gauges and instruments:


Carrier-Oehler offers a wide variety of pressure gauges in accordance with ASME, EN, and JIS, with a variety of dial sizes, process end connections, and mounting configurations.


Carrier-Oehler has one of the widest selections of temperature gauges in the Midwest, with the most popular models ready in stock for immediate shipment. Call us for a full listing of readily available temperature gauges for your application.


Carrier-Oehler has one of the widest selections of level gauges in the Midwest, with the most popular models ready in stock for immediate shipment. Call us for a full listing of readily available level gauges for your application.


Carrier-Oehler has one of the widest selections of Flow Meters in the Midwest, with the most popular models ready in stock for immediate shipment. Call us for a full listing of readily available Flow Meters for your application.




wika tronic

WIKA Measures Up: Pressure & Temperature Instrumentation

For over 60 years, WIKA Instrument Corporation (WIKA) has continued to globally advance pressure gauge, sensor and temperature instrumentation technology and applications. In the United States, WIKA's operation utilizes state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and highly automated proprietary production equipment in its nearly quarter-million-square-foot facility in the metro Atlanta suburb of Lawrenceville, Georgia.

The WIKA TRONIC line (pictured above) specializes in electronic pressure and temperature measurement. TRONIC offers specifically designed pressure transmitters and transducers to meet the emerging demands of design-in applications and integrated electronic systems. WIKA TRONIC products are industry certified, rugged and reliable for long-term performance especially in water and wastewater, mobile hydraulics, and oil and gas applications. Click here for product details.



Elastomeric Diaphragms

In 1950, Bellofram introduced the original rolling diaphragm for a wide variety of industries and applications. Since that time one billion diaphragms have been used successfully throughout the world.

Engineering plays a critical role at every level in our manufacturing cycle. From design, tooling completion, to integrating procedures into production processes, is one aspect of total quality commitment.

The performance of the rolling diaphragm depends, in large part, on the preparation of materials. Raw materials are accepted after close scrutiny and absolute conformity to tight specifications. Elastomers are compounded with extreme care, then coded to ensure complete batch traceability. Reinforcing fabrics are woven or knitted to specifications developed exclusively by Bellofram. Meticulous preforming practices help to ensure a permanent, high strength bond between elastomer and fabric. Click here for more information.



Worldwide Supplier of Meters and Associated Instrumentation

Dresser is the leading worldwide supplier of rotary positive displacement gas meters, turbine meters, diaphragm meters and associated instrumentation.

Dresser Meters are used to measure natural gas at commercial buildings restaurants, laundries, schools, manufacturing plants, CNG refueling stations and for many other applications.

Dresser Meters have been certified and approved for custody transfer of natural gas in all 50 US states, Canada, the UK, the European Economic Community, South America, Africa, Pakistan, Singapore, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Malaysia and many other countries throughout the world.

Quality is our primary goal at Dresser Meters & Instruments. Our spare parts business and product repair business combined are less than one percent of our total sales. This fact truly illustrates our product reliability.

Dresser Meters & Instruments is also a leading supplier of related electronic instrumentation and meter proving equipment. The recent introduction of the integral IMC corrector line, and the Windows software for the Model 5 ROOTS Prover is evidence that Dresser is constantly developing new technology to meet the challenges of the future. Click here for more information.




Energy, Efficiency and Process Automation Solutions

For over half a century, Forbes Marshall has been building steam engineering and control instrumentation solutions that work for process industry. Forbes Marshall's goal is to provide solutions in Energy, Efficiency and Process Automation, using the best technology the world has to offer. 50 years ago we started out with steam generation solutions. Today we are comprised of twelve business divisions; most of them partnering with the world technology leaders in respective fields, manufacturing products that cover the entire spectrum of energy generation, energy efficiency, control and instrumentation for the process and power industry.

But we are proud of much more than just the products we make. We are committed to creating a progressive work culture that uniquely puts people first. We are concerned with the community beyond our factory's gate. Putting people first is the way we have become industry's first choice in their efforts to better harness steam, air and water. We do much more than sell products. We build steam engineering and control instrumentation solutions that work for you.

From our unique corporate structure and commitment to quality, to our extensive community and social service programs, there's a lot that makes us stand out from the rest.

In the last five decades Forbes Marshall has grown from a modest, Mumbai based trading company to a multi-divisional, ISO 9001 certified global company manufacturing advanced engineering products for process and power industries across the World. Forbes Marshall is probably the only company in the world to have extensive expertise in both steam and control instrumentation. The dual expertise has allowed us to engineer industry specific systems that focus on energy efficiency and utilities management for sectors as diverse as textiles, food processing, paper, power and chemicals etc. Click here for more information.



Quality Flowmeters Since 1972

Great Plains Industries is a leader in the manufacture of liquid flow meters, flow monitors, flow sensors and flow control equipment. GPI has become the flowmeter supplier of choice for water meters, chemical meters, sub-meters and general purpose flow measurement.

GPI provides unparalleled customer service, on-time delivery and product quality. GPI offers a full line of flow meters designed specifically for the water and wastewater industries. Our water meters include a complete line of low cost PVC water meters and Stainless Steel meters for water flow measurement with trace chemicals. The GPI flow meter line is ideal for sub-metering, water treatment systems, ground water remediation and chiller or boiler applications. Click here for more information.



World's Largest Providers of Products and Services to the Oil and Gas Industry

Founded in 1919, Halliburton is one of the world's largest providers of products and services to the oil and gas industry. It employs more than 50,000 people in nearly 70 countries.

Halliburton offers a line of robust gauges with proven track records for reliability—all designed to meet a variety of customer needs. Continued innovation and technological advancement has allowed the development of a newer generation of tools. These new tools require less power and have increased stability, resulting in consistent, accurate measurement of reservoir parameters.

The DynaMem® series of gauges are designed for both short-term and long-term monitoring requirements. Gauges come in standard sizes and a miniature version that maintains the same standard as larger gauges. These robust gauges have proven reliable in the toughest of oil field environments, including sour service. The gauges require very little maintenance and are easily calibrated. Click here for more information.



Technologies for Petroleum Refining and Petrochemical Processing

With the Dresser merger, Halliburton also gained the expertise of M.W. Kellogg, which Dresser acquired in 1988. Kellogg was founded by Morris W. Kellogg as a pipe fabrication business in 1900. The company created technology for petroleum refining and petrochemical processing and built plants based on those technologies.

Since the merger with Dresser, Halliburton's worldwide revenues have increased significantly, reaching $13 billion in 2001. We have integrated Dresser's well-known and respected brands such as Sperry-Sun Drilling Services, Baroid Drilling Fluids and Security DBS, and divested the Dresser Equipment Group. Click here for more information.



An Employee-Owned TQM Company Founded in 1909

We at Kerotest produce American-made valves that are among the best you can buy anywhere in the world. As an employee-owned TQM company, we don't just talk about quality, we produce it. That's why everyone here is empowered to give you the best product, the best value, and the best service. It's the American way...and it's our way.

In a new multi-million dollar facility, we have combined good old American know-how with state-of-the-art technology. Tried and true craftsman will run computerized, numerically controlled systems of incredible precision and speed. The result is a machining and manufacturing center that enables us to increase capacity, reduce production variations, and accelerate order turnaround time.

This new, seven million dollar facility represents a combination of experience and technology that will enable us to maintain our dominant position as a cost-effective producer of high-quality valves for the natural gas industry. Most importantly, this facility symbolizes our Total Quality Management commitment. This major investment is part of our continuous improvement process. A process driven to produce the finest American-made valves in the world. Like the products we make, we want to make choosing Kerotest an open and shut case.

The $4.5 million dollar investment in the Kerotest Louisiana Facility in 2002 will allow Kerotest to maintain our position as a flexible, cost-effective producer of valves for the natural gas and industrial markets. Click here for more information.


Experience, Quality and Capability

Kurz Instruments has maintained a reputation for designing and manufacturing Thermal Mass Flow Transmitters for industrial gases and liquids.

Our engineers, product development specialists and management staff have developed products for flow, level, and interface applications designed to operate in the harshest of environments. And for more than 30 years, our entire team has provided solutions to our customers most demanding and difficult applications.

Kurz products are used in a wide variety of industrial applications including combustion air, aeration air flow and digester gas, nuclear power plants, pump protection, flare stack monitoring and compressed air, to name only a few.

Kurz headquarters is located in Monterey, California, and in addition, Kurz offers advanced services through Kurz Technical Services based in Tennessee. Click here for more information.



Quality Pressure Gauges and Thermometers

For more than 140 years, the Marsh name has been known for quality instrumentation throughout the world. Originally founded in 1865, Marsh Instruments was known as the Jas P. Marsh Company located in Skokie, IL. In 1988, Marshalltown Instruments was added to the line to allow Marsh Instruments to manufacture a complete selection of pressure gauges and thermometers.

With over 215 years of combined experience, the product line has developed into the most comprehensive gauge line in the world. Our pressure gauges are used in countless applications where accuracy, dependability and durability are essential.

Whether a standard design, or a specially designed pressure gauge, Marsh Instruments stands ready to provide a precision instrument adaptable to wherever pressure is measured. Click here for more information.