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In the field of pressure, temperature, level and flow instrumentation

“Full Service” is an all-encompassing word. Bur we are an all-encompassing company. A goal we set more than 40 years ago to make Carrier-Oehler not only a single source of supply for quality instrumentation, but also a most knowledgeable source to provide workable solutions to application problems.


Service Before the Sale


Our staff of sales engineers draws on a storehouse of experience and professional expertise to answer your questions and help you select or develop pressure, temperature, level or flow instrumentation that is most appropriate for your application.


Service During the Sale

We can respond quickly when orders are placed with a complete, well-monitored inventory. We also have the ability to design and assemble customized instruments, control panels, and kits in our own facility.

Our customers also benefit from EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) , the company-to-company electronic exchange of business information in computer-readable standard format.

With years of experience in EDI, we provide electronic interchange relating to order placement and processing quotations, shipping and receiving information, invoicing, payment, cash application data, and other business data interchanges.

Service After the Sale

Spare parts are no problem at Carrier-Oehler. We inventory a large quantity of components to make certain your needs can be met quickly and responsibly.

A number of firms also rely on our instrument maintenance and calibration capabilities, which can be done in our facility or onsite.